"Mist Manager" Automatic Mist Collector Control

"Mist Manager" Automatic Mist Collector Control unit.

For use with 120V Mistaway only (not compatible with 230V Mistaway option).

  • Current sensor detects current to coolant pump (or spindle) and actuates mist collector operation
  • Turns mist collector on with coolant pump and continues to run for a timed interval after coolant shuts off
  • Eliminates the need for employees to turn on/off the mist collector manually
  • Prevents the mist collector from being left on accidentally
  • Saves mist collector maintenance costs and electricity

Principle of operation:
Control will turn on mist collector as current sensor detects power to coolant pump. After coolant pump shuts off, mist collector continues to run for timed interval of 5 minutes (user settable) then shuts off automatically. Current sensor could be clamped around either a coolant pump or spindle power wire.

Mist Manager Instructions

"Mist Manager" Automatic Mist Collector Control
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